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How do you clean a commercial range hood?

How do you clean a commercial range hood?


How to Properly Clean Your Commercial Range Hood

A clean range hood is an important part of any commercial kitchen. Not only does it help keep the air quality fresh, but it also helps prevent fires. Follow these steps to properly clean your commercial range hood.


  1. Cleaning the Hood’s Interior and Exterior 

Prepare water and liquid degreaser – Add warm water and liquid degreaser to a bucket. 

Scrub the interior and fan – Use a non-abrasive scrub pad, soft-bristle brush, or cloth to scrub the interior of the range hood. 


Scrub the exterior – Use a non-abrasive scrub pad to clean the exterior of the range hood. If necessary, use a mild cleanser on the range hood’s exterior. 

Rinse thoroughly and dry – Rinse the hood thoroughly with clean water. Dry the hood with a clean towel or cloth. 


  1. Cleaning filters Most commercial range hoods have two types of filters: grease filters and odor filters. Grease filters are made of metal mesh and capture grease and oil. Odor filters are made of activated charcoal and absorb cooking odors. Depending on your type of filter, you will need to either wash or replace them. 


Washable Grease Filters – remove washable grease filters and soak them in hot water and detergent for 15-20 minutes. Scrub with a non-abrasive brush or sponge until all the grease is removed. Rinse thoroughly before replacing back in the range hood. 

Replaceable Odor Filters – replace odor filters every 3 months or as needed depending on your cooking habits. 


3. once you have cleaned both the interior and exterior of your range as well as your filters, you should perform a final check to make sure all parts are clean and functioning properly. Test your fan by turning it on to high speed for 1 minute to make sure it is working correctly. inspect all areas for grease or soap build-up and remove them if necessary. Proper cleaning and maintenance of your commercial range hood will help extend its life, saving you money in the long run!


A clean range hood is an important part of any commercial kitchen because it helps keep the air quality fresh and prevents fires from starting. Based on this blog post, restaurant owners now know how to properly clean their commercial range hoods by following these three steps: cleaning the hood’s interior/exterior, cleaning the filters, and performing a final check. By taking these measures, they can help extend the life of their commercial range hoods!

How do you clean a commercial range hood
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